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I need a new hard disk for my desktop. 1TB/2TB.
Please share some suggestions for good hard disk, whether i go for 1TB or 2TB, i have seen that there is not much different in these two.

Which company is good? I need something reliable.
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    WD Black for sure !!! 5 years warranty, incredible speed and reliability

    PS: you can have the blue version for cheaper but "only" 2 years of warranty
  2. How is Seagate, which one is more reliable?
  3. rockxdude said:
    How is Seagate, which one is more reliable?

    They are both reliable. Howerver, I would recomend getting a external WE My Passport, and only leave internal SSDs
  4. external HD are slow i think...
    I need to use for desktop to play games, watch movies, etc.

    Will i get same data speed?
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