Im having issues with my computer grafics card

i just attemped to upgrade our hp pavilion intel pentium dual cpu e2220 2.40ghz with an old grafic card i had in m last computer i had it working find untill i shut down the computer i took out the card and every time i try to start it up it starts for about 5 sec then shuts down with nothing on display tried putting the old card i took out back in and the same thing happens i really need help quick !!
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  1. So, what is your PSU and your card?
  2. Quote:
    Dude are you always glued 24*7 to your pc screen?

    Of course not... :)
    I'm just coincidentally read this thread and i'm respond it...
  3. Hmm, not exactly, usually rolli59, ct1615 and jyjjy are the first respond on almost any threads in this graphic section... :)
  4. what's wrong with trying to be prompt and helping people out?

    Back to topic, any luck with what was suggested to you?
  5. i installed an old one and installed the drivers i used a pny geforce fx 5200 ddr 256 mb pci i worked fine when i pt it in and installed drivers but after i took it out is when i had all my issues
  6. it cant be over heating i have never had a problem until i downloaded the video card drivers
  7. pls its like 3 weeks old
  8. Dude, an FX5200 is prehistoric - I had one in ~2004 (but it was AGP).
    You're using a PCI one?
    So your motherboard has built-in video, and no empty vidcard slot?
    See, if you add in a vidcard (in this case nVidia) and you have been using onboard Intel graphics for example, your Windows will make a massive transformation to use the new nVidia graphics.
    Then, if you pull out the nVidia vidcard your PC will freak.
    You can't just casually switch between ATI, nVidia and Intel graphics - doesn't work that way!
    Since you can buy a brand-new GT240 vidcard for only $79 bucks, that FX5200 is completely extinct...
    Modern on-board graphics (like HD4250) would probably be more powerful.
  9. how do i go back to default ??????? or undone what i already have
  10. ok i fixed the problem :) went ahead and upgraded to a Geforce 9500 GT 1024mb/mo ddr2 and now all is well i need advice because im thinking of upgrading the power supply but don't want to about this clueless
  11. I am wanting to make this a good gaming computer
  12. Need system specs to supply answers
  13. I have HP E2220 2.4 duel proc it uses onboard display Intel(R)G33/G31 I think it says 256mb enabled ok anyway I got given a Nvidia GeForce 8400GS Gigabyte card but I think it is 512mb...should I use this or the onboard display...sorry it seems a dumb question but I'm hesitant to break up a set package
  14. sorry I didnt know hoe this worked and I cany delete the Q
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