Harddisk partition not showing after blue screen error.

Hi, I currently installed Windows 7 Ultimate in my computer and I was installing some drivers and copying some data from my old internal harddisk to my new internal harddisk. I got a blue screen error and now my new harddisk is not showing up in My Computer. I went to Disk Management and it shows the harddisk but just shows the two partitions space and doesn't show the name of the partition, just its size.
I had some important files in the new harddisk like my work files and important pictures. I can't afford to loose them. I have attached a pic of what it shows in the Disk Management, please check it and advice me if there is any way to get my partition back.

The "Disk 1" is the one with the problem.

Thanks in advance
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    Try to assign a new letter to it:
    If this doesn’t make a sense, you should try a free hard drive recovery tool to restore your inaccessible data at first. It will restore your data back just in the same way as it successfully restores the data of my friend completely from a RAW hard drive. You could give it a shot:
    At last, you could also format it to see whether it could work normally.
    In the future, you should keep at least two copies of everything important on separate drives.
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