Asus ve248h problems

sorry i don't know where to pos but "other components" seems reasonable

i JUST got my asus ve248h 10 mins ago and plugged it all in

i'm a noob when im comes to monitors but i notice

- my text kind of looks "BLURRED and FADED" on some parts

- my screen seems to be really off no matter how much i set it or auto set, it'll be cutting parts off of my browser or icons on destkop

WTF is this... i didn't wait for a expensive monitor to have some issues

not to mention my screen seems to be really off no matter how much i set it or auto set, it'll be cutting parts off of my browser or icons on destkop

should i return it and get another one?

help thanks

edit: * my main purpose of this is for photoediting and heavy gaming, i'll report back on gaming later.

- i notice some of the blurring/bleeding/smearing or w/e you want to call it

but its harder to tell in a game and picture but still there

feedback please thanks
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Try to update your drivers. Go to Desktop Manager, and see if the device is recognized and has an issue. You may know an issue, Windows may see a potential Driver Update.
  2. Posting some pictures would help us see what you are seeing.

    1. Are you connecting with HDMI or DVI cable? Sometime connecting with HDMI creates scaling issues which you would need to adjust in your drivers.

    2. Update drivers.

    3. Backlight bleeding is one of the shortcomings of LCD monitors. From my experience, inexpensive TN panel monitors like your Asus generally suffers more of these issues than more expensive monitors using VA or IPS panel technologies.

    A picture in a dark room with a black background can help determine if the backlight bleeding is excessive when the monitor is set to a default 50 / 50 for brightness and contrast. Not necessarily the best settings, but middle of the road for evaluation purposes.
  3. sorry forl ate response

    no drivers for this monitor just checked

    hdmi for xbox 360 (not exactly sure what im looking for there but i notice the text sometimes comes out like the browser)

    im using a vga to my 460 gtx hawk gfx card

    i circled some examples in red dont know if you can really see it, those are just 5 spots i think is the most clearly seen in the picture whether it actually is clearly see from your view or not

    it basically comes down vertically on my monitor in a | | fashion and anything in between that verticle bar will be blurred/faded
  4. I notice no issues with the text.

    Generally speaking it is better to use a DVI cable instead of VGA cable when connecting the PC to the monitor since some people say VGA can cause a bit of blur.
  5. comes with dvi cable but doesn't fit on the 460 gtx hawk and my 460 box doesn't have an adaptor. only the msi vga adaptor and the hdmi adaptor

    well where i circled on the picture is the best i could see on the camera i have. basically i have some pretty massive ghosting.. i.e) on some spots on my monitor if i have the word " monitor" perhaps TOR is ghosted out and has a faded/ghosted look as opposed to MONI

    not sure if i sound confusing or not
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