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  1. What's your budget?
  2. rather than the Phenom II, I recommend the Athlon II X4 640 for $99.

    The guarantee's extra cores is worth more than the L3 cache
  3. thanks! as far as the budget, id say around where it is now is probably about it. does everything else seem ok?
  4. Here's some cost saving suggestions:

    AMD athlon II X3 450: $78.99. Savings: $9.00

    AS Rock 770 Extreme 3 motherboard: $69.99 Savings $0.00, but USB3 and SATA 3.

    Sea Sonic 520W 80+ Bronze PSU: $59.99. Savings: $5.00 up front (though no rebate)

    the saved $14 can go into a better video card: A GTS 450 from Gigabyte is $114.99
  5. I like the idea for the PSU and GPU, but the CPU seems like it would create a bottleneck for the GTS 450. AS far as the mobo, i was going to use the first one because it has the 2nd PCI-E slot so if he wants to get some better performance, all he would need is a 2nd video card.
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    an athlon II of any stripe won;t bottleneck a 450, which is at the bottom of midrange cards. Its on a par with a 5770 in power (a little weaker than that, but also $20-30 cheaper)
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