My dedicated WoW box for $2,000

Hello everyone,

Firstly let me say thanks in advance for any and all advice thats forthcomeing! I really appreciate it as it's been a while since I actually built a PC!

So I started out looking at and they really impressed me. Probably not that hard though :) and then I quickly realised that they don't deliver to Australia :( so I have found a local website and think I have arrived at my preferred system. Would love to know if you think a part is no good or if there is a much cheaper option and overall what you think.

My needs: are tp be able to play WoW for the next 5 years without screen tearing or reduced performance.

My Budget: roughly $2,000. Hopefully under but a few hundred over is ok too.

Case SKU#16010872 - Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case, No Power Supply

Intel CPU 1156 SKU#19010204 - Intel Core i5 655K Processor - Requires CPU Fan

Intel motherboard 1156 SKU#28023197 - Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3R, ATX (Graphics card Required)

Memory DDR3 SKU#37140549 - G.Skill RipJaws 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 RAM

2x Graphics Card SKU#42060254 - sapphire Radeon HD5770 VaporX, 1GB 128-bit DDR5 RAM

Main Hard Drive SKU#22040394 - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB

Optical Drive SKU#17040338 - Samsung 22 x DVD Burner

WiFi SKU#46060315 - ASUS Wireless b/g

Power Supply SKU#34040251 - Gigabyte ODIN GT 800W ATX Power Supply

CPU Cooling SKU#18020484 - Noctua All-In-One Performance CPU Cooler

Optional CPU Cooling FAN - If REQUIRED SKU#18010427 - Fractal Design Silent Series 120mm Case Fan

Operating System SKU#39090308 - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-Bit

Mouse Pad SKU#21050068 - Rock Gaming Mouse Mat, Large Size Soft Surface, Black

USB handy Drives SKU#37100587 - OCZ ATV 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Network Cables SKU#14140030 - UTP CAT5E RJ45 Patch Cable 3m

UPS/Surge Protectors SKU#33020116 - Upsonic 8 Way Black Power Board Surge Guard & Telephone Protection

Once again, thanks for all the advice in advance!!!!

edit: I have just found out that the website won;t do dual cards with that system for reasons they can;t explain (!WTF!) and they won't advise on their opinion of wether or not my set up is any good for my needs!
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  1. WoW... next 5 years...

    Need some changes...

    Change the CPU to a i5 760, will perform much better in threaded applications.
    Just get the P55A-UD4, will allow you to CF later on
    Get a single 6870 instead, crossfire for performance boost later
    Get a Cooler Master hyper 212+ instead of that HSF
    Change that PSU to a corsair hx-650

    Rest looks good though :D
  2. Ty for the advice

    A few quick questions
    1. Whats the HSF? is that the case?
    2. I was going to get PSU corsair 750 but thought that Odin 850 would be an upgrade!? do you think that 650 is enough?
    3. do you think that the cooling is suffcient
    4. out of 10 how loud do you think this rig will be?

    thanks for the tips
  3. 1) HSF is the heatsink. Its the CPU cooler.
    2) 650 would be enough for crossfire 6870s (I believe)
    3) The cooling is fine
    4) Not very loud you dont have any loud components
  4. 1. The HSF is the CPU cooler (Noctua All-In-One Performance CPU Cooler)
    2. No, you are better off with a better quality PSU than one that is ok-ish. 650W is easily enough.
    3. Cooling is good enough.
    4. I'm not sure. The loudest thing will be either the hard drive or the CPU fan (which you could change for $15-20 if it really bothers you)

    If it is possible, get the Samsung Spinpoint F3 harddrive instead.
  5. OK I can;t get a coolermaster Fan :(

    so I have a choice between the:
    1. Noctua OR
    2. the Thermaltake Frio universal CPU cooler

    What do you think?
  6. My list of changes

    1. Case = coolermaster scout
    2. CPU = 15 760
    3. MOBO = Couldn't the p55A - UD4 so had to settle for the p55 UD3R (Advice apprecieated)
    4. GPU = gigabyte Radeon 6870
    5. POWER = Corsair HX 650
    6. FAN = Thermaltake Frio Universal cooler

    So this is looking good to me now and I am about the commit so my final question is do you think this rig will be able to run WoW for the next 5 years without suffering screen tearing or reduced performance?

    Thanks again
  7. Nearly forgot!!!

    The price so far is $1,610.09

    Thsi seems pretty good to me what does everyone else think?
  8. Where are you buying this from? If I have a link than I can see if there are other parts that are better deals.

    Also, which noctua is it?

    The link above takes you through the customisation process that I went through.

    It's based on i5 intel gaming options.

    I didn;t want to go i7 as it seemed to be overkill

    Let me know if you think I can improve?
  10. Case: I personally like the Lian Li Lancool PC-K62 or CM692 II better than the storm scout, this is mostly personal preference however the scout does have less room in it.
    i5 760 is my 1st choice, good there.
    As you have the budget, I'd go for the P7P55D-E Pro as this motherboard will allow crossfire and SLI in the future, unlike the rest of the motherboards.
    Ram, I'd go for 4gb Corsair XMS3 ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24
    Graphics, the 6870 is good
    Hard drive, Samsung Spinpoint F3 1tb and a 120gb ocz vertex 2 would be my choice for a large data drive and a fast boot drive for windows and WoW
    The HX650w is a good choice for the PSU, if you want to feel really secure about the power supply for 5 years I might switch to the HX750w.
    I'd go for the noctua, it's a lot quieter and a slightly better cooler.
  11. Hi Guys,

    Thanks again for the detailed advice. I would have been screwed without you!

    So this is the latest iteration. I have taken pretty much all of the advice execpt for getting a SSD drive. I'm hoping I can do with out that one as I have become quite attached to the price tag which currently stands at $1,620!!!

    Case - Lian-Li PC-K62 PArmorsuit Mid ATX Tower Case, No Power Supply
    Intel CPU 1156 - Intel Core i5 760 Processor - Requires Graphics card
    Intel motherboard 1156 - ASUS P7P55D-E PRO - ATX
    Memory DDR3 - Corsair XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3
    Graphics Card - Gigabyte Radeon HD 6870 - 1GB 256-bit GDDR5
    Main Hard Drive - Samsung SpinPoint F3 - 1TB
    Optical Drive - Samsung 22 x DVD Burner
    WiFi - ASUS Wireless b/g
    Power Supply - Corsair HX 750W Power Supply
    CPU Cooling - Noctua All-In-One Performance CPU Cooler
    Optional CPU Cooling FAN - Noctua NF-P12-1300 120MM
    Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-Bit

    I'm thinking of ordering today but still a bit apprehensive. Are there any last minute suggestions?
  12. Great!!!

    I just heard that the i5 2600 comes out on Jan 5th and it's better then some i9's!!! so should I just put the whole think off until then!?!?

    Soooo frustrating
  13. Have you considered building yourself? You could save some money
  14. That build looks really good to be honest. Cant really fault it anywhere...

    As for the i5 2xxx stuff, ive read somewhere that its gonna be the notebooks parts coming first than the desktop parts later?
    Also you cant OC that cpu regardless of mobo and other things...

    Im jumping on the train now, well this weekend, cant be bothered waiting for SB or 69xx, i5/6870 fits perfectly into my budget right now and those things wouldnt really change it at all.
  15. If you can wait and exist on whatever hardware you have now, I would.
    I fell into the waiting trap myself, I was all set up to get an i5 750 and then I didn't have the $$$ I needed, so I waited and then by now, with SB coming out (Specifically the i5 2500k).
    If you need the computer now, go for it. You will still have great performance in WoW.

    The i5 2300 is gonna retail for the same price or near to the i5 760. If you can wait... then yea i guess wait for SB. But it isnt really gonna make that much difference to your WoW performance.
  17. "As for the i5 2xxx stuff, ive read somewhere that its gonna be the notebooks parts coming first than the desktop parts later"
    nope, first is the mainstream desktop CPU's then the high end.

    the top one will cost $209-$218
    release is Jan 5th,
  18. According to AnandTech, the i5 2500k should cost what the i5 760 costs today while performing like the 980x, better in applications with less threads.
  19. yessir. I can't wait.
  20. Thats insane.... need to go back and read that anand article...
    Are you sure its the 2500K? Semiaccurate has the 2300 as the same price
  21. OK so should I wait? is the new i5 2xxx going to make a big difference to my WoW objectives?

    If it is I'm going to have to confront the massive screen tearing issues my 3 year old 7600GT nvidia is having... Sigh

    the other thing i am a bit undecided about is the case! I know it seems trivial but these are my main concerns

    1. Dust, can't stand it and am terrible at cleaning! LOL
    2. Space, want there to be enough to one day upgrade to crossfire dual 6870's
    3. Tool less, I don't think I even own a screw driver!

    I don't really care about cost too much between 150 and 250 is fine. I like the lancool air boy due to it's being nearly enirely tool less but it does not seem to have a dust filter which bothers me a little other wise it seems to check allt the boxes.
  22. For the case, the Lian Li Lancool PC-K62 has an air filter over the PSU air intake vent and on the intake 140mm fan.
    The exhaust 140mm fans and 120mm fan don't need dust filters as the fans are blowing hot air out of the case, not sucking dust in.
    The Lancool is also completely tool-less, you don't even need a screwdriver to put the PSU in.
    It has room for 2x 6870, and also can fit larger graphics cards if necessary.

    If you want to build now, by all means do so IMO.
    Going by the numbers from the anandtech review, the i7 950 should perform about 15 fps slower than the i5 2400.
    Is waiting a few months with your issues to avoid possible buyers remorse and gain ~15 fps worth it?
    I really think you have to decide that. At some point, you just have to buy it. It will be very easy over the next year to wait for bulldozer to come out, and wait for ivy bridge to come out, and ect.
  23. For cases look at the CM 690 II advanced, that has plenty of dust filters and is largely tooless with good cooling. Same for the the K62 mentioned but that is FULLY tooless
  24. p1n3apqlexpr3ss said:
    Thats insane.... need to go back and read that anand article...
    Are you sure its the 2500K? Semiaccurate has the 2300 as the same price

    "Dragon Age on the other hand shows an 11.6% gain vs. the i5 760 and equal performance to the Core i7 880. Given that the i5 2400 is slated to be cheaper than the i5 760, I can't complain."
    "The 2600 will fit somewhere around the 680 and 875K ($342) and the 2500K will replace the i5 760/655K ($205 - $216)."
  25. Case: get the Silverstone RV02. Its sexy and not ugly like HAF all fans have dust filters, its a beast.
    $140 after MIR, its $220 on newegg after shipping.
  26. Yea, semiaccurate has article saying the i5 2300 will take 200$ slot, while that anand article has the i5 2500K...

    Wonder what bulldozer has in store for us....
  27. Bump!

    Some background: I didn't go ahead at the time but now I'm desperate and will go ahead int he next few days just wondering if my build needs some updating 3 months on?

    Look forward to your views
  28. What is your current build?
    I would update it for P67 and an i7 2600k for sure if it doesn't have those in it.
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