5770-crysis problem or normal?

i have been running crysis in dx9 with a 5770 with all the setting on enthusiast i average 20+ fps it increases to 40 max if i turn shadows and some other stuff to mainstream and iam running at 1440x900 at 2x anialiasing but i have been seing alot of fps drops and micro stuttering it drops sometimes to 15-10 the goes back up to this always happens if i turn around quickly if i turn off aa its a lil better.

my full specs (its an htpc/gaming rig) hook it up to and hd tv if i want watch a movie

core i3 530 @ stock clocks and voltage
2gb kingston ddr3 1333mhz
h55-usb3 mobo (ATX)
sapphire radeon hd 5770 @ stock

thats the basic info so is the fps drop from the low ram??? or is it just normal for the game in general

not sure where i shoda posted this btw :??: thx in advance
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  1. will adding ram help?
  2. i meant will it increase the fps drops and micro stutterng
  3. oh well hope crysis 2 doesn't fail so much when it comes to optimization
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