What is my internet security key?y key?

what is my internet security key?
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  1. What's my shoe size? Hard to answer with no info isn't it?

    It's whatever you set it to. If it's new equipment, there probably isn't any, check your manual on how to set things up. If it was setup by your ISP when they set you up, give them a call.

    If you give us the model of your wireless router someone may be able to get you some info.
  2. Connect the computer to the router with an ethernet cable.

    See the literature which came with your router for how to access the user setup screens in the router. Once in go to wireless security and review or renew the wireless security type and password. WPA PSK TKIP is the most common security type in use.

    Go to wireless mode and ensure that it's set to a protocol matching your computer's wireless adapter (mixed mode is a safe bet).

    Disconnect ethernet cable.

    Go to the computer's wireless networking setup screen and see if you can detect the router's SSID (wireless call sign). Select that network.

    Apply the wireless security type and password to the computer's wireless networking setup screen.
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