White sceen when in full sceen on the net.

I have an old pc cobbled together from a few pcs i use this to go on the internet, it has the graphics card Nvidia Geforce4 mx440 i have two problems really the first is (im not sure if its a graphics card issue but here goes) when im on the net and want to watch a video (like on youtube) its ok in the little player but when i click on 'full screen' my monitor goes completly white and i have to press Ecs on my keyboard to get back, watching film files on my pc in full screen is ok, its only on the net this happens.

The second problem im having is i recently connected my pc to my tv but i cannot get 'clone' view there is no Nvidia controll panel no tab in properties-setting-advanced, you know the window with the 2 pictures of tv/monitors, i can remember it being there when this card was in another pc, i have only got the option 'extend my desktop to this monitor' which is a pain ('cause as you know you have got to drag what ever you want to see on your tv off the monitor screen) when this card was in another pc i had the option to 'clone' my deskktop to my tv, not anymore any ideas. Thanks all
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  1. Did you install the proper drivers for your video card?
  2. i went to the Nvidia site this site under download drivers told me i needed 'forceware release 90 Ver 93.71 whql and directed me to the down load page, i downloaded it and installed it, when my pc restarted all the icons on my desktop were huge so i went to properties - setting- advanced to change it and got a message 'coud not install controll panel likely reason missmatched driver' or words to that effect, i just dont know whats happening as when this card was in another pc it worked fine (with Nvidia controll pannel) i even found the driver cd that came with the card and manual, so i installed it from the cd first i tried doing it by going to device manager and choosing update driver telling it were to look and a general search and a message came back saying 'could not find a better driver that i had already had installed' or words to that effect, so i followed the manuals steps, but still no luck, i noticed in the manual it saying something about the monitor used, saying if it is not branded i might not get all the options my monitor is a 'syncmaster 750s' i didnt install any drivers for this as it worked when i plugged it into my pc, could this have anything to do with it. im grasping at straws here, blooming (like to use a stronger word here) P.Cs they got a life of their own.
  3. First uninstall the drivers you downloaded and use the ones provided on the CD as these should be compatible. Next you may have to ensure that the computer is attached to your TV prior to turning on your computer. Some of the older cards have a hard time detecting TVs. If your still having problems getting it to work on the TV then you can use NVidia control panel (if reinstalling the drivers gets it to install properly) and select force TV detection. This will allow you to output a signal to the TV reguardless of it being plugged in or not. Try these options out and tell us how it goes.
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