Computer isn't recognizing my graphics card.

So I have an nvidia something, but I don't know the model. I put it in my computer and I'm running my display through it, and it's working fine. But nowhere can I find what it is. I tried updating through device manager and seeing if cpuid cpu-z could find it, but nothing.

I looked all over the card, couldn't find any 'model' or 'brand' anywhere. Any idea's? If you need me to maybe upload images of the card cause I'm missing something I could do that.
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  1. well install nvidea latest drivers. but if you are using it as display that means it will apear in the window's screen resolution menu. for windows 7 @desktop>screen resolution>advanced settings... puff!! it should appear a menu in which you are gonna be able to see the model if it's correctly instaled...
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