How much ram capacity can be used in single free slot of Intel 945 G P5LD2-VM ?

I have Intel 945 G P5LD2-VM with Pentium D . I purchased DDR2 - 2GB RAM but in the specifications i find 4XDIMM , 4GB .I want to know that will my motherboard DIMM support 2GB RAM on a single slot of RAM.
How much ram capacity can be used in single free slot of Intel 945 G P5LD2-VM ?
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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, from what i know 1gb is the maximum supported per slot, but install it to see if it works if not , just return the memory to place you bought it from and they will swap it for you for 2 1gb modules or 4 1gb modules if you want that much memory.

    Your motherboards manual should also have details about memory configuration.

  2. Here 2GB RAM is working but when i have been checking its utilization in the task manager memory usage is not exceeding 900mb and computer properties also showing 2 GB , now i am bit confused that optimum utilization of RAM is taking place or not.Is there any other way out to check utilization.
  3. Op mentions that the mobo is 945 specs - and running off the onbaoard G945 chip, correct? if it is the case, than some of your memory is being shared to help run media/entertainment applications.

    from this site you can have a max of 4GB of ram. The catch here is that you can populate the maximum using all 4 dimms, but if you had a later mobo say an x38/48 chipset mobo than you could've used only 2x2GB sticks to saturate the 4GB max limit.

    * welcome to the forums newcomer!
  4. ^ + 5 :) i think if OP i using intels HD software, the value can also be incremented via OS...though i don't know i had a DG965RY board 3 years ago and forgot its options :/
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