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i looked up a lot of guides on how to apply thermal paste, but they all seem to differ...

i'm going to use arctic silver 5 compound for my i7 950. can some1 go over in detail with me how I can apply it? the guide that came with it has only a couple pictures, and I thought it was a bad idea to spread the paste around using a plastic card.
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  1. Pea size dot. when your HSF mashes down it spreads it evenly on the CPU's heat spreader.

    Thats the best way imo, because it naturally pushes air out, and actually spreads the paste dependent on the heatspreaders exact size/definition.
  2. i'm getting this :

    some1 said you have to apply the paste differently for that? i don't understand :(

    also this will fit in my case right? i got
  3. Honestly it's not going to make a huge difference in the case of direct pipe coolers. I would use a little extra than pea size to compensate for the gaps in the pipes.

    And yes it will fit in the HAF 922. 100% positive. I installed it in the littler HAF 912 just yesterday!
  4. yay that's good to hear. man once this is done i'm never gonna lag again lol. i tried a small render on my laptop and it caused my computer to crash and not boot up lol
  5. one more question... does the asus x58 sabertooth have enough fan headers to fit the 3 from the haf 922 and 3 more i have at home? (120mm x 2 on side and one on bottomg.. i got em so why not use em lol)
  6. I dont know best thing to do is google the motherboard manual and it will have a diagram in it showing all the fan headers :)
  7. thanks!
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