GTS 450 PSU Req.

I just installed my new msi gts 450 vid card as an upgrade to my old 9600gt. However, right away I noticed that I was getting extremely poor performance in all of my games and apps. I did a little research and figured out my psu, a 400w radimax is more than likely causing the issue and not getting enough power to the card. I just got back from my pc shop after purchasing the psu they recommended, a Coolmaster Extreme 500w. Before I open it, I just wanted to make sure that it will be sufficient enough to run my gts 450. Thanks. Other Specs:
Win XP
Intel Q6600 Quad 2.4gz
Nividia GTS 450 1gig
4 gigs ram
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  1. well @ nvidea it says that the minimun required for a gts 450 is a 400 watts psu, so it should work... but i recomend you get that Cool Master 500w...
  2. That Coolermaster is more than enough.
    First, though just check all is well with the new card installation:

    Check in the BIOS that the system is using the new card correctly and that any onboard video is disabled (most boards do this automatically).

    Remove and reseat the card, paying careful attention to the power lead, loose connections are not unknown, even when the plug and card seem fully seated.

    Update the card drivers from the Nvidia site.

    Update your sound and motherboard drivers from the makers site/s and also check for any BIOS updates. WARNING the BIOS update procedure can be hazardous! If you have any doubts as to how to do this DO NOT DO IT!
  3. I would upgrade personally, but it should run fine with you PSU the GTS 450 consumes about the same amount of power than a 9600gt. Palit recommends at least 400w with a total of 22amps on the 12v rails. ( I know yours is a Msi but it should be about the same)
    The Coolermaster Extreme isnt the best PSU (not 80plus certified) but if you are on a budget it is fine. It should be more than enough to run the GTS 450
  4. Get either a 585 0r 600 just so your secure for any other hardware that you want to place in your rig, or if your happy with what you got 400 w
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