Windows update sujjests broken vga drivers.

2 times on 2 separate occasions now windows both xp and vista have automatically installed drivers for A.nvidia mx400 and a ati hd4550. the mx400 driver would prevent even safe mode from opening and causing entire xp reinstall unless knowledge of advanced debugging is available. Several installs and reinstalls of xp took place before it was apparent that this driver for the mx400 that windows update says is cool is broken and horrible and it is one of the first updates to be installed as well if automatic updates are active.

as was the hd4550s driver supplied by windows update. this time the 4550 would be working really hard and causing a voltage spike just sitting on the desktop. i could even hear the gpu emitting a audible Frequency and under about 10 miniutes the system would lose power in the blink of an eye @ random.
4550 would be Really hot as well.

the mx400 driver was avoided by choosing to select updates and not let auto update screw it up.

the hd4550 driver was avoided by simple making a mad dash to the system to remove that driver A.S.A.P and secure latest catalyst/driver directly after. to beat that overheat shut down.

after catalyst was installed all was good

as well as the mx400 proper nvid drivers were procured leaving the windows update drivers Alone.

these problems are from fresh installs of xp an vista.
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  1. Yep, that is why you NEVER let Windows update the drivers automatically. For whatever reason, it usually fails catastrophically. Why they still push them I don't know, but I'd highly suggest always doing it yourself (or not updating them at all).
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