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Dear All,

Pleaz help, I have very basic IT know-how! Have been unable to connect to the internet for past 2 weeks :

1. I'm using Dell Inspiron 1420 - OS - Vista and using Aztech Modem/router -
Cable (Wired)

When I hook up my PC to the modem, all the lights are on but I get :

1. Internet connection - Local Area Network only.

2. When I try to connect to network - message says unable to connect.

3. Contacted my local ISP - they said my line is ok and asked me to check
IPCONFIG - message shows MEDIA DISCONNECTED. They insisted I
check my cables. So I reset the modem (button on the back of device).

4. When I tried to troubleshoot using Network Sharing - it says Primary
DNS error.

5. After googling info from the web, I tried to renew/reset IPCONFIG, it
gave me a message about elevation. Sori, I'm really blur on IT.

5. I even tried System Restore, nothing works.

Really appreciate your help. This is my only computer so I really cant determine if the fault is the cable, modem or computer. However as I said earlier, when I hooked up everything; all lights on. It just does not want to connect.

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  1. Hi,

    Have you checked TCP/IP configuration? Possibly, it wasn't configured automatic.
  2. Diggle is right, but if it gave you a message about elevation then you need to run cmd as administrator.

    Type cmd in search bar
    right click cmd
    Run as Administrator

    Then follow directions from diggle.

    Good luck!
  3. Dear Rank, Dadiggle & John,

    Utmost apologies for the late update. Unfortunately, I've access to only 1 pc at home and have to rely on the office desktop.

    I did recommendations and help listed above during the week. Nothing worked except that I noticed after religiously resetting the network adaptor using diagnose and repair. About 10 times sporadically, I was able to get a connection. Took me between 4-5 hrs.

    On Sat, tried to connect, same prob. So I kept resetting the network adaptor and finally got a connection after exactly 5 1/2 hrs. I went online to Microsoft site and used Microsoft Fix-It to resolve any issues. There were a few errors which M Fix-It says it has solved. Something to do with drivers not being updated.

    I also re-installed my Aztech modem/router combo settings following the instruction manual. Sorry guys my IT know-how is pathetic, by keying in the IP add 192....... I got a website under Aztech that says it has detected my settings.

    Anyway I tried connecting 10 hrs later and voila! I had internet connection immediately. I hope its not a fluke and I get to connect without hassle.

    Thanks guys for the info. I really dont know what I did to get it working.
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