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hello community, i am about to build my 1st desktop, and I would like to double-check with you guys if my parts are good and they all work with each other! thanks for the help :P

Mobo: Asus M4A79XTD Evo 790X AM3 ATX
RAM: 2x2048MB Kingstom ValueRAM DDDR-1333-CL9
CPU: Amd Phenom IIX4 955 BE
PSU: 650W SuperFlower SF650P14P Black Edition
GPU: 1024MB EVGA GeForce GTX 460 FTW
HDD: 1000GB Samsung Spinpoint F-3 7200
DISC: cheap sata burner
CASE: 50x45CM case with big fan on one side

My two biggest problems are..
1.) on the nvidia website it said that i needed 24 pins or something in my psu for the graphic card to work, and i have no idea if the psu i chose has enough
2.) im not sure whether to get the gtx460 ftw(1024mb), regular asus gtx470(1280mb), or the sapphire hd6870(1024mb)

I will be using this computer for mainly games, but also web-browsing, and photshop. In addition, if you have another recommendation for a graphic card, then please keep it in the price range of the 3(not pricier than the 470 PLEASE)

thanks lads
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  1. oh just a small thing i might add, i currently have an hd4870 1gb vapor-x toxic, and some people told me i should just crossfire it and that would give me better performance than any of the 3 cards i this true?
  2. ok, you probly can get away with an AS Rock Extreme 3 770 motherboard for $69.99 instead of the Asus 790.

    Get G.Skill or Mushkin RAM, just as good as the kingston, but a little cheaper.

    DON'T TOUCH that PSU! Its crap on a stick.
    Get the Sea Sonic 520W S12II model. Sea Sonic is the most reliable power out there, this is 80+ Bronze efficient and can run your 460 just fine!

    Instead of the 460FTW factory overclocked card, consider an AMD HD6850, for about the same price. Both cards will work great.

    the 460 needs 2 6-pin PCIe power ports, and the HD6850 needs 1 PCIe 6-pin power. the S12II comes with 1 6-pin, and 1 6+2 pin
  3. get the 460 ftw..

    Its right behind the 6870 for $20-40 less
  4. the problem is that i already have an hd4870 and some people have told me i could just buy another one, and it would be stronger than any of the cards i it would be cheaper!

    same exact test, same exact settings, same exact site.

    you get 5 more fps than the 460ftw. But you can always add a 2nd one later, and you'll use less power this way.
  6. ehhh. Maybe.

    4870 in crossfire would not scale as well as 6850 or 6870 do, so, it'd be around the 470's ability
  7. If you start lacking gpu power SLI

    Heres a 4870 CF vs GTX 460 1gb SLI (not even the oced version)

    power and temps
  8. well, i dont think i'd be getting the 460 sli anytime soon, because i dont rly have a lot of money atm :S
  9. SELL the 4870 dude.. you want DX11... Doesn't matter if you're not gonna SLI, just get the 460
  10. alright, i checked on ebay and it sells for around 100 euros, is that a good price for it?
  11. sounds about right
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