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I am technologically challenged and want to put together a multi-display for my boyfriend. He is a big gamer and wants more than one monitor. He has an XFX Radeon 5970 Black Edition video card and plays games like MOH and COD. He's been looking at 2 25" for a dual display with mediocre monitors and I know he is settling. I did some reading and can't seem to find all the information I need but have noticed people saying 3 is better than 2. So, I want to get three of the best monitors for gaming. I have been on and like the Samsung 27" 1 ms HD monitor but I'm afraid that 3 of those would be too large and he would not see everything while playing. Am I wrong?

The main question: What BRAND and SIZE monitor would make the best 3 monitor display for gaming?

Thank you
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  1. my personal opinion is 3 or 2 displays are annoying and confusing, i just recently purchased a AOC v27m, its 27 inch monitor 5ms response time and its perfect for gaming... dont bother too much about response times because its impossible for human eyes to detect it.

    so yeh go for a single large monitor :) AOC v27m is extremely cheap aswell i got mine for $310 in australian dollars
  2. dont see why he would want two monitors for gaming - one very large one would be more than enough and would save you a chunk of money.
  3. Because you game on one monitor and have website, chat, email etc. open on the other one.
  4. I think she is talking about eyfinity gaming wich spread the game accross 3 screens. Is that right? If that is the case then definitly go with 3. Cause with 2 screens the center of the screen will be on the egde of the screens. 27 inch is HUGE go to wall mart and see just how big that is. 3 would be like 80 inches wide that is just to big. I would recomend samsung or asus and keep the size around 22 - 25 I've got 2 23 inch screens and its massive almost doesn't fit on my 6 foot wide desk. Also alienware made a special 60 inch screen that curves around the person giving a seemless panoramic view.
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