hi guys,
is it me or is quadfire marketing at best?

Having had it since the 4870x2, now 2 5970's, seems that ANY game currently on the market, even crysis doesnt make use of the other 2 gpu's..so in a sense..in theory it boosts performance, but are there even any games out there are take advantage of 2+ gpu's?

Ive played all the latest games..bioshock 1 and 2..call of duty..mass effect 2..etc..
having quadfire enabled vs not enabled, ive not noticed a different at all..

I think it seems to be more that the games just dont support it because most people dont have 4 gpu's..as opposed to the cards not working well with the 10.8..

Im currently using a 4 gig 5970 and am waiting for the 6k seires to come out to see if I will upgrade..wonder if it will be worthit..
in the meantime I have a 2 gig 5970 that Im considering maybe selling?

ive not seen any benchmarks that show that quadfire really kicks major ass..maybe a bit here and there or am I looking at the wrong info?
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  1. What resolution are you playing at ?
    There are some games that scale well with 4 cards, but not all.Generally,quad CrossfireX/SLI doesn't usually scale as well as 2-Way CF/SLI
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