Budget gaming build, matx ~600

So a few months back I was planning on buying this build:

But school came around and i had to buy books so that put a delay on the system.
So now that black friday is coming up and I saved up money since then, I was wondering if this build was still the best for the $$ or have better parts dropped into this budget range? Havent really kept up with prices and parts since semesters been pretty rough.
Basically this is supposed to be a budget gaming rig that uses the lanbox so I can bring it from school and back home easy for breaks.
Games i play mostly is SC2 but obviously want it to be good for future games too.
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  1. I have a $510AR build but is a 'OC me a.s.a.p' build hehe

    If u must land a X4 the same mobo and 955BE
  2. well im trying to do little oc as possible, last time i did it i blew my hard drive lol
    also considering getting an ssd but not sure if that is worth it at that price range/will fit with another hdd
    how are i5s in terms of price? should i consider going intel or stick with amd
  3. this is what i got so far

    is the ssd worth it? i want to lower costs as much as possible but i cant seem to find better deals
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