HIS HD 5850 iCooler V + FIFA 2010

This card is the non-turbo version. For most other games, it performs upto my expectations and runs reasonably cool and quiet. For FIFA 2010, though, the screen gives visible stutter when let's say the goal keeper kicks the ball to the middle of the field and the camera shows it. I tried ALL settings possible.

Is FIFA 2010 tuned for a better performance with nVidia cards? I must say FIFA 2011 demo is noticeably better in terms of visuals and performance. I also think FIFA 2010 has horrible graphics.

This should be a quick one..
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  1. Quote:
    When fifa 2010 starts minimise then open task manager.right click on fifa 2010 .exe file select affinity then select all cpu core.Do this everytime you start the game.

    It should solve the problem but all in all, FIFA10 has horrible graphics and on my system the color of the field changes every 5 minutes or so.
  2. i never had any such issue on my laptop it has a 4570 and mys desktop has 5850, both dont have any problems. update your driver
  3. Full sustem specs? CCC driver version?
  4. My full system specifications -

    Intel i7-860 processor, Asus P7P55D motherboard, OCZ Gold 8GB DDR3-12800 RAM, HIS HD 5850 1GB DDR5 graphics card, onboard sound card, Corsair 650W power supply.

    What dipankar2007i said was really useful - I never thought of that, rather, I should not be thinking about that since the game software should take care of that issue. I am currently away, so over the weekend, I will test the solution.

    I already mentioned that FIFA 2010 has really subpar graphics - I disagree with dipankar2007i here that people don't play FIFA 2010 for graphics. No game is played "FOR" its graphics, they are almost always played for the experience and if the graphics are bad or are stuttering as in case of this game, the experience is ruined. It is a viscious circle, really. There are no issues with me playing FIFA 2010 on 5850, either.

    I will post the results after I try using all the cores. That said, I experienced FIFA 2011 demo has much better graphics. But the momentary stutter is still present - hoping the same "affinity" fix works for it.
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