Windows using only half the physical RAM

Hi all,
I had a set of 2x2GB G.Skill F3-12800CL9-2GBNQ running fine for around a year on default XMP settings, and just installed a new pair of these alongside them.
The system is now
i5 760k (no OC)
2 sets of the above mentioned for a total of 8GB RAM in 4 sticks
GA-P55-USB3L with latest BIOS (version F8)

The system is fine, except it doesnt seem to use the 8GB.
The system panel (the one that I can get to by rightclicking my computer and clicking on properties) says I have 8GB physical memory and that Windows can use only 4GB of it.

So far I've tried disabling XMP and setting the memory setting manually to the product specs (9/9/9/24) on both channels and increased the DRAM voltage to 1.6V, but still no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Since I cannot read those 'ideograms' if the Windows 7 Enterprise is a 32-bit version then 4GB is the max; you need a 64-bit OS to use >4GB - I see what appears to be '64'.

    Never use XMP on more than (1) set.

    Don't mix sets in DIMM slots; install as:
    CPU: | Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 1 | Set 2 |

    Clear CMOS use the Jumper method -

    To see if you have a 'bad' stick boot with (1) stick at a time, then test (1) Set at a time by itself.


    If none of that helps then let me know. P55's are notorious for bent CPU pins and 'lost memory' is a typical issue. Also, if you have an aftermarket HSF then make sure there's no Metal -> MOBO contact.
  2. Thanks for your post, jaquith
    I've tried the one stick at a time approach, and kept getting rapid beeps, which the mobo manual said was bad RAM connection, and that I should try applying more force
    I did exactly that, and the rig is working perfectly now
    Apparently, the issue was that the new RAM was just not put in hard enough to begin with.

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  4. Yep good seating always helps! :) Thankfully it was a simple fix!

    Take Care!
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