how to ping networked box while VPNing

I have a 2nd computer in my home network (connected to 4 port router) that I can reach via "ping"

However if my main computer VPN's into my company network using my CISCO vpn client, I don't know how to connect to the 2nd computer at home, since routes somewhere in the company network.

My question is: how can I connect to (ping, telnet, ftp) the 2nd computer in my home network when I am VPN'd into my company network?
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  1. If you need to get files or something off of your other machine while on vpn I can only think of 2 possibilities.
    1) Setup ftp server on your other machine so you can get to it through the vpn, it would be ultra slow though due to having to go to your work and back.
    2) Get a router that can do an IPSec LAN-LAN vpn so your whole lan connects to the vpn instead of only the one machine.

    I can't think of any other way to do it at the moment. I'll definatly let you know if I come up with something though because I too would like to do that. I have to use the cisco vpn client to connect to work as well and would like access to my storage server so I can listen to music or something :)

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  2. The only way I can think of it to put your second computer on a DMZ or use port forwarding for the specific apps u want to use. Then rather than pinging you ping your external IP address.
  3. Well here's the specific app I have in mind: I run a proxy server on computer #1, and on computer #2 I set my proxy to be which is computer #1. I can set the proxy settings of either IE or firefox to accomplish this.

    When I VPN computer #2 into work, I still would like to utilize the proxy server on computer #1. Is that possible?
  4. I had responded to your post but for some reason my response went under the previous responder's thread; please see my response above clarifying what I am trying to do... thanks.
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