Can you guys please help me find the right configuratio for my network

Hi every boddy,

I have 20 computers runing win xp that on a network that access the internet through one dsl modem; and 24 ports switch.
the ip that I`m using now is class C 192.168.254./24
the address of the modem/router is
also the gateway
and i have turned of dhcp.

wath i wanted to do is to subnet my net work to create 3 new network.
can you please help me?
i tried to just change the network address but it din`d work; then tried to change the subnet mask itill didn`t work.

please help.
thank you so much.
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  1. Where did you try to change the network address - on the router? What kind of router? How did you try to change it, and was there a specific error?
  2. Hi Gtvr, thank you for helping.

    i just changed the ips on the computers, the dsl modem that is also a rauter i did no touch. the model is Dlink dsl 540 b

    the set up now that is working is:
    dsl modem ip address 192.168.254254
    computers ip address is to 21
    computers gateway is
    now what i was looking for is a way to divide this network
    into 3 netwoks with 7 computers in each one, and istill be able to access the internet router.
  3. What is your goal in doing this? Security, performance, ?

    You are going to need a switch that supports vlans or a real router (not just your dsl modem) to do this - not sure you can do that with existing hardware.
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