I want a new Computer!! HELP!!

Please help guys!!
I'm onto gaming.
All I want is a decent graphics card, processor, motherboard. I have all other stuffs required.
My total budget is 300-350 USD.
I'm upgrading. I want to play games like Crysis with decent FPS. GTA4, Need for speed, COD, Assassins' Creed etc.
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    You need more that 768MB to get good performance in those games, more with GTA IV.
  2. Go with a 560 TI it is cheaper then an HD 6970, but will almost perform just as good when overclocked. The GTX 460 may be a bit to slow for some games and as saint said 768 is not enough for some games especially if you plan on playing in 1080P.
  3. bearclaw99 said:

    I like the processor and motherboard. What is the name of the motherboard? and I think having an ATI Card would be better.
    And can I purchase from newegg.com and ship to India?
  4. Newegg don't ship International. Tigerdirect does, but with high cost.
  5. I would start here. I know it is above your price range but it gives you a basis for what low budget builds can do.

    I would try to find a local store that is wiling to special order parts for you. I think that would save you money on shipping.
  6. bearclaw99 said:

    does it have crossfire support and overclocking utilities? :)
    i have selected hd5770 as the graphics.
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