New build: i5 760, dual GTX460, 4-6gb DDR3. Advice needed!

Howdy folks,

I've worked my fingers to the bone for the last 3 months to be able to afford some gaming grunt. I've got a few components that I'll be using with this build, but I need some help with the remaining components. I've got a Cooler Master CM690 case, a DVD-RW drive which matches the case nicely, a 500GB HDD.

The components I'll need are all based around these requirements:

Core i5 760, mild to medium overclock,
Gelid Tranquillo cooler,
2x GTX460 SLI,
4 or 6 GB DDR3.
850watt PSU (the Coolermaster Silent Pro grabs my attention)

This PC will be powering a 23" monitor, but I'd like the grunt to expand should I want another monitor. I'd like a MOBO that will utilise as much of the SLI setup possible. I've read about MOBO's that only offer 1 slot at 100% and another at 50% or so. Obviously I'd like the GPU's to perform at their best, and I have no idea how the details of PCI-E works. Can anyone recommend a motherboard that will suit these needs? I don't mind spending a fair amount, as this setup will probably last me 5+ years.

As for the RAM, I'g like either 4 or 6 gb of decent RAM, but I'm not sure as to what my best bet will be. Do I get 4 gb and upgrade when needed? Will I notice the effect of 6gb immediately or will 4gb be sufficient for today's games?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here's looking forward to a nice rig!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. wait for intel sandy bridge.. Jan 5th.
    lga 1155
    the CPU that will replace the i5 760/750 will cost the same and offer 10-20% performance increase with less heat.

    if you decide not to wait, lga 1156 runs RAM in dual channel mode, that means you don't want 6GB.
    you need 2 or 4 sticks of ram which means, 2x2GB 4x2GB 2x4gb 4x4gb
    and for gaming 2x2 gb is plenty.

    Don't get a cooler master PSU. XFX,Corsair,Seasonic, Antec.
    I recommend the xfx 750 black edition modular, silver certified $130, $110 after MIR (newegg)
    10 rating on performance on (only 4 psu's have done so.)

    p55 can only run 2 gpu's at 8x8x (only a 3% performance loss from 16x16x so no biggie).
    make sure the mobo can run 8x8x and not 16x4 etc.
    Asus p7p55d-e pro is an amazing mobo with usb 3 and sata 3.

    Get the hyper 212+ cooler and Shin-Etsu TIM both = $35
    add a 2nd fan for push/pull config if you want for $8-25$ depending on the fan.
  2. There are no motherboards for the 15 760 that run both gfx card slots at x16/x16
    This is a limitation of the motherboard chip set

    But in practice x8/x8 will make very little difference to over all frame rates with a pair GTX 460's

    There are other boards that are[ usually ] cheaper where the second pci-e x16 slot only runs at x4 . These you should avoid
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