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Nvidia 3100M on Dell E6510 question (video playback related)

Nvidia 3100M on Dell E6510 question (video playback related)

I have been looking all over the place for answers to my problem I've posted on Dell support forums amongst others with no luck. I'm hoping someone here could help/point me in the right direction.

In short, I have trouble playing full screen video, no matter what resolution from youtube/metacafe (and possibly other flash based video streaming websites). The distortion is vertical lines appearing intermittently through fullscreen videos. By lines, I mean vertical bars, multiple at once.

As soon as I disable hardware acceleration though the videos work fine. Or watch it in the non-full screen mode.

I have no trouble with playing videos through DVD/local files (even the same videos that stutter while streaming play well when downloaded from the youtube to the local disk).

Apart from that I have no trouble playing videos on Vimeo, even on HD. I presume that's using HTML5 video but I don't know.

System Information: i7-720QM, Nvidia Quadro 3100M 512MB, 4GB 1333MHz RAM (but only 3.4GB recognized thanks to 32bit win7), Full HD screen, Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.

The symptoms so far:

- This problem appears on youtube/metacafe but not on Vimeo.

- The problem does not appear for any resolution in youtube as long as it's not full screen. As soon as it goes full screen it starts appearing.

- I have a Dell E6500 with a Quadro 256MB and it runs flawlessly.

- The problem persists in Chrome/Firefox.

- The problem persists despite toggling certain settings in the Nvidia Control Panel, for example, the Vertical Sync forced off/on.

- The problem persists despite connecting wirelessly or through ethernet. It's not a buffering issue as I have an 8Mbit down connection and videos buffer really quick.

- The problem persists despite installing up-to-date drivers from the Dell website including but not limited to : BIOS, VIDEO, AUDIO, NVIDIA Drivers etc.

- Video viewed locally from hard drive or DVD ROM doesn't show this problem at any resolution.

Please suggest some fixes/diagnostics. I have already run major benchmarking tests and it has reported no issues with the graphics card.

If I cannot solve this problem I will have to return this to Dell, which I think would be a pity given that I really like everything about this laptop other than this single, but major issue.

I spoke to Dell and they have initiated a repair-to-depot transaction, but I really don't like the idea of having dell look at the laptop especially when they mentioned the screen could be replaced. Also, the time it takes them to fix it could go up to 10 days and that will (and probably why they're doing it anyway) take me past my 21 day return window.

I'm wondering if I should just keep the laptop and disable hardware acceleration for flash. Is that all there is to the issue or could it be something more critical that may throw up something bad in the future?

Do you think there's any other way I can reproduce this problem other than streaming flash in fullscreen?

Thank you a lot. Your advice will help me decide if I want to return the laptop, have it repaired or use it the way it is.
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  1. Can someone at least help me out with the following questions?

    In summary, my issue is that with hardware acceleration on, all flash videos in browser on fullscreen show vertical distortion. I'll take a picture/video of it and post it when I get home today.

    This issue goes away after disabling hardware acceleration. Also, of special mention is Vimeo. No videos off Vimeo show this problem on any resolution whatsoever.

    My questions:

    - When I download the same youtube video and play it through VLC (the latest version), it doesn't show the problem. Does VLC use hardware acceleration? Because if it doesn't that would be comparable to turning the flash settings 'hardware acceleration' to off.

    - Does Vimeo use Flash or HTML5? If it plays HTML5, does HTML5 use hardware acceleration?

    - Does Windows Media Player (or VLC) use hardware acceleration to play DVDs?

    If I disable hardware acceleration in flash now, everything seems to work as expected. Since I don't do a lot of Gaming, can someone suggest any potential real world applications I could try running to see if the GPU is going to crap out on me? This is just so I can make a decision whether I want to return, repair or do nothing with my latitude.

    Thanks a ton.
  2. Here's a video of the problem:

    If someone have any suggestions, please feel free!
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