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Need help setting up raid 5 on Asrock Z77e-ITX

March 6, 2013 12:45:51 AM

Hi. I'm new to RAID and need help as per title. I have four 3TB Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001 and would like to set them up on Raid 5 using onboard raid on the Asrock Z77e-ITX. I will be using these to store videos and some other things. My OS are on different drive which is my Crucial mSATA.

I changed the sata controller bios setting to RAID and setup raid 5 using the bios utilities. But, once I tried to setup the raid using Intel Matrix Storage utility, the max capacity is only around 2TB. It should be around 8TB.

So, I uninstalled Intel Matrix Storage utility, changed back the sata controller bios setting to AHCI and voila, there's the 8TB drive. The drive is shown as "Intel Raid 5 Volume SCSI Disk" in Win7 Disk Management but it is not shown in Intel Rapid Storage Utility.

Is this the correct way to setup RAID 5? Does the drive I set up is a RAID 5 eventhough the sata controller bios setting is set to AHCI? Does the drive has the fault tolerance like in RAID 5 setup, where when one failed, I can just replace the drive and it will rebuild itself? And how do I know when the drive failed since it is not shown in Intel Rapid Storage Utility although it does show on the bios RAID utility?

PS: Sorry for the long explanation/question. Also, English is not my native language. So, hope you guys can understand my question/problems :D