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Alienware mx15

one of my clients gave me his mx15 to fix. the screen wont turn on, but it seems fine hooked up to external monitors. i removed the lcd and it all seemed fine, theres no cracks not even a scrath. any idea were i should start?
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    The wires connecting the LCD to the motherboard might be bad, the connection itself on the mobo might be bad. If the outside display works, that means the video chip/card in the laptop is working fine as it's still able to push out a display, just not to the monitor. I'd recommend replacement of the wires (if you're able) to test it. If you can't do that, I'm not sure there's much you can do.

    In before "lol alienwares" or "lol dell"
  2. lol alienwares, lame computesr... but yah its prob the cables, to lazy to dig em out
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