Updating current build - i5 or i7

Hi guys

Just sold my Palit OC GTX 460 (for retail price) as wasn't performing as required.

Now looking to upgrade. At present using a mini itx 1156 board (zotac) with a core i5 760, sandforce SSD, 4gb DDR3 Cas7 and Windows 7 64 bit. This machine is for gaming and advanced Excel analysis.

Choices :

1. Buy a GTX 580

2. Buy a Core i7 870 (better for gaming than a 930 as higher turbo) and buy a GTX 470 (Gigabyte superclocked triple fan)

Might also upgrade the ram to 8gb G Skill Ripjaw 1600 Cas 9


I want to run black ops etc at full setting, full AA but will not be going above 1920 x 1080.
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  1. Based on what i've seen on youtube, should be getting 55 - 90 FPS all maxed out with a GTX 470.

    Not sure how it will run Metro though (this being the new Crysis in terms of benching)
  2. Metro runs like crap on a GTX 470 from the looks of it.

    So option 1 or option 2... to run best on MOST games... ?

    And will I notice the extra RAM (Metro now recommend 8gb)
  3. Black Ops isn't an extremely demanding game. It ran pretty well on my 470.

    I haven't tried it on Metro 2033 as I just got my card and had limited time to test it. It ran pretty well with my 2x460s OCed, so I don't see why it wouldn't run very well with a 470. I also doubt you'll see an advantage with 8GB of RAM; plus, your Cas 7 memory is better than the potential Cas 9.

    Why would you spend the money on a new CPU when you're not really limited by it? The only reason to really consider a CPU upgrade would be if you were trying for 3-way SLI or something. I would just go with the 580 since that would be the performance limiter in your case, IMO.
  4. Was thinking the i7 as then Excel could use the extra 4 cores...giving 8 logical cores in total. Parallel computing is key for this app.

    That was also why I was considering the 8gb RAM.

    I thought cas7 1333 was roughly inline with cas9 1600 ?

    Looks like ill be getting me a GTX 580 then, was going to get an overclocked version but at 1920 x 1080 dont see why I would need anything more than stock based on current games

    Will stick with the core i5 760 for now. Might hook up an H50 cooler to reduce the temp ranges, and make case a bit quieter (2 x 120mm front fans in a SUGO 3-F).

    Any issues with the H50 being front mounted?
  5. I don't know what your case setup is like, I don't know if the cooling setup will be efficient.

    I think you'll be fine with the i5 and 4GB. If not, that's something you could upgrade later.
  6. A i7 procerssor is unnecessary, an i5 processor wil be enough and trust me it does its job well.
    If you buy an i5 you can use some money on other parts, and you could easily oc your cpu(although this will not be necessary).

    If your wondering if the i5 can take black ops it surley can even without being overclocked.
    With a good latency 4GB ram and a decent gpu you'll be fine.

    Oh and a tip for you buy a big case so you can upgrade later on :)
  7. I already have the i5 760. This thing flies. Just fancies the extra 4 cores for other data intensive apps. But atm just gaming.

    The GTX 580 will be the one. Don't think anything will run slow on this system for at at least a year

    I don't like big cases. I had the core i5 on a mini itx board inside a sugo 6. But the biggest PSU available is an SFX 450w. So I have now moved it all into a sugo 3-F micro atx. Enough room for 2 cards and a 1500w (max) power supply). Leaves me with plenty of room for future upgrade...could get an mATX board with 2 GTX 580 in SLI with 1366 core i7.

    But for now i think one GTX 580 will rock. Thanks for all your help guys.
  8. Still miss the Q6600 clocked at 3.2. That thing had 8mb of cache as well, used to fly along.

    But made the mistake of buying a 5770. Never getting ATI again, like PhysX too much ;)
  9. well i geuss were done here!
    i hope i all works out well with your pc :)
    But i dont see your problem with ATI they make good video cards :p
  10. They do make good video cards, but for gaming just prefer the nvidia. Physx and better tesselation. But AMD have eyefinity I guess. And fusion will be another big step.

    Bring on GPGPU, then we'll some interesting stuff happen!
  11. Thanks guys, will let you know how it goes, might upload some benches when done.
  12. nice looking forward to it :)
  13. you should put this as solved and choose the best answer...
    i think thats how it goes.
  14. Hmmmm, does anybody have any more input on the RAM though.

    Cas7 1333Mhz 4gb OR Cas9 1600Mhz 8gb
  15. 1600MHz will definitely overclock better
  16. Dilema. Now seen that the Gigabyte GTX 470 superoverclocked has come to a good price. Might get this instead of the GTX 580 and save the change for a rainy day.

    Or maybe the MSI Frozr II as this should be another good runner?

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