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I'm building a gaming laptop and can't figure out whether to go with a hybrid 750GB 7200rpm/8GB SSD or to combine a 120GB SSD with a 1TB 5400rpm HDD. There's really only about a $70 price difference and am just not sure what route to take. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice they can give me?
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  1. I was kinda guessing that would be the answer...

    Do you know if it's complicated keeping the drives separated as far as what files go where, etc.?

    Also...what size SSD would you recommend?
  2. Its pretty easy to install programs to the drive you want, simply use the custum option instead of the easy or quick install and choose the hdd for when you want those programs to install their.

    Another option is ,once you have windows installed, to use mklink to create virtual folders on the c drive that really exist on another. Research mklink to learn about it and the drawbacks (like not all programs 'see' the link)
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