Which is the better eVGA GTX 46x card?

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  1. The top 2 are identical, did you post the wrong link? The 460s are a better choice for SLI unless you really want Mafia 2 and need that extra 50 bucks (assuming the MIRs). The extra 80 watts that 2 465s pull would probably make up for that pretty quick anyways. Unless you have plans to flash them to 470s or slap 3 of em together go with the 460s.
  2. I think the first two are links to the same page. If your choice is between the EVGA GTX465 Superoverclock and the EVGA GTX460, my research is telling me both are going to perform at about the same rate, both will have the same noise output at load, both will be great overclockers (the 465 SC might go a little higher percentagewise). The only main difference will be the temperatures, with the GTX460 running significantly cooler. Therefore, the GTX460 wins by a nose, especially if you plan to SLI.
  3. Oops, I meant to include either the non-overclocked version of the 465 or the superclocked "460". They're all about in the same price range with the 465 a bit cheaper plus mafia 2 over just cause 2 (combo deal) on the 460.

    From what I understand it's better to get the stock and overclocked yourself, is that right?
  4. It's not better if they are the same price to begin with, it's just that it's not worth it to pay extra for something you can do yourself.
  5. I'm going to say the Superoverclock versions have better "binning", which means the components are of a higher grade and can overclock better. Your individual results may vary.
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