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Better GPU For Me? ?

híhí guys~

Need to pick a GPU in =couple days= and I'm kind of lost in the choices. I read around ,but that seemed to just increase our options. ;">

Pc Setup-
Samsung 23" Wide screen LCD Monitor -2ms,LED ~Desktop Resolution 1920x1080
COOLER MASTER Silent Pro - 600W x2 6+2 pin PCI-e connectors
ASUS P6X58D-E +Intel Corei7-930
G.SKILL PI Series 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 (Last item needed, possible choice, getting with this purchase)
HAF 922
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

+Looking for a card that can run things nicely at my resolution. Probably won't mess with OC'n or Sli/Crossfire - I don't need MAX settings on games (which I'm not playing any atm, neither do i know what i will be doing lol) Most likely just mmorpgs and stuff like that ,but just having them run is a + for me ,hehe (Was givin this 9 year old pc with this ATI 9200 worth like 10$ now,which i've been using past few years.)
Being @ "Valley of the Sun" in USA ,a card that can cool it self well would be nice. Having the Haf 922 with like 3x 200mm fans is handy, but the room in here on avg. is like 84++ degrees.

I was just going to get a HD 5770(for less energy and wht not) like SAPPHIRE Vapor-X, But now with prices idk.
So now there is like gtx 460 (1gb) > gtx 460 (768mb) > HD 5830 (1gb)> gtx 260 (896mb) > HD 5770 (1gb) All with in the same price range, + w.e else I don't know about.

This where you guys come in at, I need help choosing what to get! I'm not paying for this ,but I also don't want them spending to much so 200$ is kinda what I want the limit to be. If I've forgotten to mention something do tell!

One Question.. Umm Having like Intel based parts that I have does having an ATI card benefit with that then from having NVIDIA or does that matter?
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  1. Quote:
    have you seen the article about the new ATI 6000 series cards coming out.?
    but after viewing your preferred list of cards, I'd go for the best deal, bang for the buck.
    do you plan on going dual video.? (sli or crossfire)

    Yup i heard bout 6000 comming out, but thats not in =couple of days= :3

    Just gonna use one card, I'm not that hardcore x3
  2. Quote:
    nVidia GTX460...

    Yeh thats wht i was leaning towards i was accually just looking at them seeing wht brand to get of it lol =O
  3. Quote:

    Ummm.. lolwut didn't xfx stop at 200 series?
  4. ill say the GTX 460 is fine.. but ill recommend a ATI HD5830. It trashes the GTX 460 and 465 and best of all .... its cheaper...
  5. dur_trix said:

    1. If your gonna try and help someone it's good to know what your talking about first. (this seems to be going around alot)
    2. That review is for only the 465 not the 460 so there is no "and". Here is the review for the 460,2684.html as u said.. check the review... it speaks for itself
    3. You can get the galaxy GTX 460 @ GameStop for 160$ , 140$ after rebate~

  6. Still the facts, straight HD5830 is still superior. The GTX460 is a little improvement over the Zotac GTX465 (according to the review thread you sent).

    My point was to check the review and make a informed decision. Not to just put useless info on this thread for no reason....

    I had the same decision to make in the same budget as the GTX460. After the reviews and countless hours of searching for other info it was clear the HD5830 was superior. So i went and got a HD5850 instead.

    So please if you dont like the advise, dont make useless statements like: "know what your talking about first". I have been there looked and shared the info...

    kk thanx bye...
  7. I get mad coz nVidia fails... and hard too... :P

    Ill stick to ATI.. for now...
  8. the argument between ATi and Nvidia as well as AMD and Intel always will be which is better.

    The point is that we consumers always win because of nice competition, so each "brand" can improve on the others mistakes.

    Nvidia fails now ATI wins this round... its only time until tables turn to favor someone else.

    Same with AMD, they fail now, but i trust in their ability to provide nice processors thats affordable and competitive.

    I still have my AMD Phenom 9950BE at home, and I love it still......
  9. dur_trix said:
    My point was to check the review and make a informed decision. Not to just put useless info on this thread for no reason....

    Which is exactly what you did.
    dur_trix said:
    "know what your talking about first"

    Which you obviously don't
    dur_trix said:
    kk thanx bye...

    Don't hurry back.
  10. Best answer
    My suggestion would be to go for the GTX460 (1gb). Currently it is the best bang for your buck card out there. It provides decent FPS without having to shell out the like of a HD5850. I will admit that I was a NVidia fan for a while but after trying out my HD5850s I found that ATI and NVida flip flop a lot and now it really depends on how much you want to spend. Since you have specified a limited budget go for the GTX460. If you can find a good price and afford it the HD5850s are great cards. As for the HD5830, they are also nice but you will probably pay more per FPS then for the GTX460.
  11. deweycd said:
    If you can find a good price and afford it the HD5850s are great cards.

    Yup that was the card I wanted to get at first ,but than i thought about what I'm going to be doing n I'm not really hardcore gamer lol I just like to pittle with stuff when I'm bored. Would have so gotten it if i thought i needed it.

    deweycd said:
    My suggestion would be to go for the GTX460 (1gb).

    1Gb b/c my 1080p res right?
  12. liali said:
    1Gb b/c my 1080p res right?

    Yes, I suggest the 1GB becasue of the small price difference and you will find it helps at hight resolutions like you mentioned. It is what I woudl buy personally but if you do need to save money the 768Mb is stilll an incredibly good card but won't be as good at 1080p.
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  14. gtx 460 (1gb).....nvidia the best,.... technology, cuda, physx, etc.....the cards nvidia is future for the games my friend.....if look to the games only, fps and not quality take ATI...sorry to my English
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