Turboboost on asus notebook i7-740qm?

I recently helped a friend install a fresh copy on Windows 7 on his Asus G73JH gaming notebook. It has a i7-740qm with turbo boost on it. I enabled turbo boost in the BIOS and installed the turbo boost monitor from intel's website. And when I did the windows experience check, when it was checking the processor the turbo boost monitor showed the cpu getting around 2.6 ghz. But when I try to install the turbo boost driver from intel's website it's telling me "your system does not meet the minimum requirements to install this" and it's bugging me because well it's clear that turbo boost is enabled and working but why won't that driver install? Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Think you need to go to Asus' website for driver updates, as I've read they are proprietary to their laptops. I also have the G73JH laptop but I kept the Asus installation. Did your friend make a backup copy of the boot partition? If so, he might try reinstalling from that instead of a fresh copy of Win7.
  2. He has another cloned hard drive, he installed an SSD as the primary drive and I got all the drivers off the asus website to work except for the turbo boost driver.

    I think I may have found out why, when you go to asus and look at the G73jh model, it says it's for i7 620M/820QM/720QM cpus which come with the radeon 5870 gpu. But he has the 740QM which is in the G73Jw model but is suppose to have a gtx 460m.

    He has the G73jh with an i7 740QM cpu and radeon 5870 gpu. So I don't know if this was an error from asus, or best buy for labeling it wrong or what, but I'll try the turbo boost drivers from the G73jw
  3. Hmm, now that you mention it, I actually have the JW model with the GTX 460M :P. However I did read somewhere that you don't wanna use generic NV drivers as it has specific features for Asus. Mine is the E3E (3D) model however so that could be the difference there.
  4. get the drivers from intel, and turbo boost basically kicks in when ur processor needs a quick boost in performance , and than clocks back down, so its not a constant peformance tweak,
  5. ^ These Asus ROG laptops feature a one-button turbo that overclocks the CPU, which is different from the standard Intel Turboboost. They also have some pretty large cooling fans (for a laptop anyway), which is why there aren't any connections on the rear of the case. AFAIK, Asus includes a driver in Win7 to enable this feature.
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