New geforce gts 450 installing problem, please help

Hello, I just received my geforce gts 450 1 gb and when I put the card in and start up my computer I get a blue screen. What happens is, is the desktop loads than on the bottom right on the toolbar the icon for Installing Device Driver Software pops up and it crashes me to the blue screen with a bunch of stuff on it saying the hardware is not working. So I tried to use my brother graphics card, which is a geforce 9800 1gb and the same exact thing happened. I know my motherboards BIOS is not up to date, but would that cause my hardware tool to crash my computer? I am currently using a geforce 8500. Is there a way to install the drivers for my new geforce gts 450 onto my computer before I put the card into my computer preventing the computer to try to add the software itself? Thank you for any help.
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  1. You need the hardware installed in order to install the drivers while in Windows.

    What did you use previously in your system? If you used an ATI card previously, or even another video card, I'd HIGHLY recommend using Driversweeper to remove all traces of previous drivers before installing a new card and subsequent drivers.

    Driversweeper is a free program that can be downloaded at
  2. I was using a geforce 8500 gt (still am cause I cant get the new one to work)

    I did uninstall my old drivers, and still no success, it still crashed and it took me hours to get my old card to work again.
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