Deleting HDD in preparation to sell old homebuild PC

I'm trying to sell my PC for parts and I did some research and saw there were some free tools out there like DP wiper and Killdisk. Currently I have 2 x 250 GB HDDs set up in RAID 0. I want to wipe them clean so I can sell them separately. I not need to install an OS on them. Will one of those commercial shareware tools do the trick? Or do I need to do something else? Thanks! :bounce:
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  1. Those 2 Shareware programs will work fine, although it would help if you would buy the commercial version. We use Killdisk at our school for a portion Computer Forensics testing program, so I am biased :).
    Just make sure you get the shareware ISO file to burn to a Disk, unless you have a floppy drive just hangin around :P
  2. Use these tools if it gives you peace of mind, but it would take considerable effort and expense to recover even scraps of data from a single drive of a RAID 0 array.
    Even just re-formatting the hard drives would be more than enough to protect data, so long as you don't give the same person both HDD.
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