Help Getting My Computer To Recognize Old DVD Drive

Hey guys. So I have an old IDE DVD drive, and I wanted to stick it in my desktop. I bought a SATA/IDE converter (just plugs into the back of the drive, and it comes with a SATA cable to connect to my Mobo. I just plugged it in to one of the SATA II connectors on my Mobo, and nothing. I've tried different connectors, including SATA III, and nada. Doesn't recognize the drive when it's got a DVD, or when it's empty. The drive is from 2007, it's a Toshiba/Samsung (says both?). I've tried the solution where you go into the registry and delete Upper/Lower Filters (whatever those are, and then my PC had to repair itself on the restart). I've also downloaded Microsoft Fixit, and all it can ID is some virtual drives I have from Daemon Tools, still no DVD drive. At this point I'm not sure what to do. Thanks for the help!
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  1. Virtual drive software like Daemon Tools has been known to cause CD/DVD drive detection problems. Uninstall Daemon Tools too see if that's causing it.
  2. I've tried that and still nada. Any advice guys?
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