ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS and Sata Hard Drive

I'm building a PC.

ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS Motherboard
Athlon II x4
WD 250GB Sata HD
2GB DDR 2 Ram, Can't remember brand name, Transcend or something
450Watt power supply

The problem I'm having is, it refuses to boot from the Sata drive.

I ended up taking out the HD and using my other computer to install Windows 7. They have the exact same motherboard so I went ahead and just installed Windows 7 with my other PC. Then proceed to put the HD back into the new one I'm building and no boot from sata :(

I've tried changing around boot priority in the bios to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. have you tried seeing if the BIOS recognizes the drive?
    if not, check to make sure SATA is enabled
    if so, is your windows 7 already installed on the drive?
    if windows already on drive, you may have to reinstall,,, or at least have the SATA chipset set to IDE or to ACHI mode,, however i believe that MB is only capable of IDE mode therefore if win 7 was installed as ACHI, you will have to reinstall
  2. It's the exact same motherboard as the one I'm using right now, which boots from a Sata HD. The drive is recognized in the bios. At one point, when I was using this mobo I had to have a IDE drive also just so i could boot from the SATA drive, didn't make any sense and I can't remember exactly what it was I did to remedy the issue. >.<
  3. I guess I'm going to put in an old IDE drive, see if it lets me boot from SATA that way.
  4. to anyone with this problem ... go to bios settings and disable onboard ide controller
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