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Hi i need help deciding the best gaming memory for this rig.

Intel i7 2600k
GTX 590 3gb

Corsair Dominator 12GB DDR3-1600 Kit (3x4GB)

Corsair Vengeance 12GB DDR3-2000 Kit (3x4GB)

Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3-1600 Kit (4x4GB)

Which is better and why?
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  1. Grab a 8gb (2x4GB) kit of the vengeance since it is 1.5volts. Currently 8GB is plenty for gaming. 3 module kits are for triple channel on LGA1366 systems, LGA1155 only supports Dual channel.
  2. i know its a stupid question but whats the difforence between triple and dual channel?

    Is triple channel better?

    Im confused please explain.
  3. Only LGA1366 supports triple channel, it is faster but not noticeably! It is not the memory that decides the channels it is the motherboard and the CPU's which have the memory controllers.
  4. What happens if its a dual channel. Can you only put in two sticks of ram or more?
  5. you are listing a LGA 1155 board/CPU. On a sandybridge chipset/CPU you need dual channel should not go with the 3x4GB kits. So you will be limited to 2 or 4 dimms. better if you go 2 dimms on your memory controller. So 8GB would be better timing.
  6. so you are saying that the the 3rd stick of ram will be a waste on a dual channel?

    Why? So if i choose a dual channel cpu/Mobo i will only be able to use 2 sticks of ram instead of 3 or 4?

    Sorry ram gets me very confused!!!
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    When you look at a motherboard that is dual channel you will see 4 ram slots , and when you look at a motherboard that is triple channel you will see 6 ram slots. Now when you buy your ram since you have a sandybridge cpu you have to buy dual channel ram which depending on the amount will either come as two sticks or four sticks. Some kits of 16gb will come as two sticks at 8gb per stick or it will come as four sticks ay 4gb per stick. If you already have ram and it is triple channel and you have three sticks you will have to consult your motherboards manual to see if it can be used. If you have not purchased the ram yet make sure you get the right ram for your MB. Dual channel and triple channel are different types of ram for different types of cpu's
  8. thanks you helped me understand allot more now!
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  10. You can use three sticks of ram in the motherboard to but the ram will in most cases run in single channel with odd number of sticks!
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