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Add another GTX 275 or buy 2 460's

I hear the 275 is close to the 460 in performance. But I hear that the 460 scales very well in SLi.

Here's the deal, I have a 275 right now, and I can buy another right now. Or I can buy 1 460 right now, and wait till around Christmas and buy another.

I just cant decide if I really need DX 11. I play just about every game there is, so yeah it would be nice to have. But is it worth the money.

I'm also going for a nvidia surround set up ( 3 monitors )

Its just tempting cause I can get a 275 used for cheap.
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  1. You wouldn't get much performance boost for 2x460 vs 2x275. Just cooler running, DX11, and a bit better scaling. Maybe if you could sell the 275 for a good price and find a couple 460s for cheap, but as that's not likely I would suggest getting another 275.
  2. Nothing wrong with adding another GTX275 for cheap! For now just going from a single 275 to 460 would be a disappointing upgrade.
  3. The hardest thing is finding a good Used 275, with Christmas around the corner I could get another 460. Kinda hate spending money on old tech, its a toss up.
  4. If you have a microcenter close they might still carry them.
    Or maybe Best Buy they always seem to be behind with video cards.
  5. what's cheap? what would be a good price for a used GTX 275? about 1 year old, not OC'd...
  6. Based on what we can see I would get the extra GTX 275

    please let us know what your PSU is
  7. @ Tillman32: If this is for the system in your config the point is moot- The GA MA770 UD3 motherboard does not support dual cards.
    And what resolution do you use? SLI is likely to be wasted on a 1280x1024 display.
    If this is for another system and for a monitor of 1680x105 or above then go for it if the GTX275 is cheap! There's still plenty of life in DX9/10, just be certain the PSU is up to the job, these 'older' cards burn more jiuce than the current generation.
  8. @peacekeepa: Id say around $100

    @christiangordon: Corsair 850

    @coozie7: That is an old build, I got a new one, it supports dual sli. My monitor is 1980x1020 and I'm getting 2 more for Nvidia surround. So it will be really high resolution.
    My PSU is corsair 850.

    My other thoughts are 460's are known to get up to 98% scaling, meaning when you add another card, you almost get double the performance.
    I have no idea how the 275 scales but I'm sure its below 70's
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    Well, glad that's sorted then ;)
    At that sort of resolution I think you might need to look further upmarket, the GTX460/275, even in SLI, is likely to struggle with three large monitors, but I could be wrong- anyone like to comment?
    Performance wise the GTX460 just edges the GTX275 out and with better scaling with cooler, quieter operation as added benefits.
    If the new MB also supports Crossfire you might want to hold fire until the new HD6xxx series is released and see how they stack up.
    Me, I LIKE cool and NEED quiet, so my choice would be the GTX460 and E-bay the GTX275.
  10. It all comes down to whether or not you play DirectX 11 games, or if there are any you are looking forward to. Here is the list of current DirectX 11 games and pending releases. See any you like?
  11. ^+1
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