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Little about my self. I currently have a few year old computer that can't alt tab starcraft 2 and barely runs on low and medium settings.

I am looking for a computer that will last a few years and run starcraft, wow, and league of legends on ultra settings. League and wow aren't a problem, but not alt tabbing starcraft makes me cry...

Mother Board -
Harddrive - 99.99
Video card -
Power supply -
OS -

My concerns and questions.

I am tryin to stick around a grand. Obviously this isn't the 100% best computer with 1500 dollar a piece parts in it. What I am looking for is reasonable computing power or w.e to price.

My concerns. Are all these parts compatible? I have a case already and mice/keyboard/monitors and what not.

With this video card and setup can I run 2, or 3 or how many monitors?

Thanks for your help. I am very open to suggestions but please provide links and explain why it would be better for what I am looking for.

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  1. Anybody?

    Just curious about compatibility and AMD vs Intel, and the radeon 6870 vs GTX 470 mostly.
  2. The parts look compatible and that video card can only run 1 monitor.

    You could save a lot of money by using combos and going with an i5 quad system. You really don't need anything higher than that for gaming.

    The delayed/slow alt tab issue on starcraft2 happens with my 5850s too but not with my GTS 250. Its a well known issue for ATI cards.

    The 470 is usually better in performance but the 6870 is not far behind. The 6870 is definitely better when it comes to performance per watt though. However, for you I would go with the 470 because of the games you named. Blizzard games tend to favor Nvidia.

    Maybe something like this...

    You could save $20 - 30 by going with a cheaper GTX 470 but I really like this one :love:
  3. I am looking at

    While I play I like to have skype open, sometimes vent and multiple internet windows and tabs.

    I don't want to be limited now or in the near future.

    Is that the same mother board and chip as

    Or are those 2 compatiable? My pops is wanting me to get a intel motherboard, I guess he likes them too much or something... Any feedback on that stuff? With the
    or some other type of gtx 470.

    Not sure what the difference is between the 250 dollarish ones and the 300 dollar ones besides 18 MHz core speed. IF anyone can expand slightly on that, it'd be sweet.
  4. They're both quads with nehalem cores, the main difference is the hyper threading. I doubt you would have issues with processing even with ventrilo and multiple tabs opened on an i5.

    Yes, they are the same. They are compatible but I highly suggest not getting an intel motherboard because of the minimal features. Theres really no reason to like them over superior boards put out by their partners like Asus and Gigabyte.

    The difference between that Gigabyte GTX 470 and other ones are that it is completely rebuilt from the ground up (PCB and everything). Its one of the best customized cards ever (imo) and runs way cooler and quieter than the standard 470s. The core speed difference is very minimal and you can easily OC if desired.
  5. FYI, I run 60+ fps everywhere except Dalaran (30-35 during primetime) & raids (usually around 50 fps), while having firefox open with a ton of tabs and Ventrilo running. And I have an AMD Phenom II X4 965 and a 5870 (at 1920x1200).

    In other words, your concerns about not having enough processing power are unfounded. Any modern quad-core will do (either AMD or Intel) for playing WoW/SC2/etc. + multitasking.
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