Proper Athlon II X2 CPU idle temperature?

I built my first PC not too long ago and I'm curious as to whether or not my CPU (Athlon II X2 250 @ stock 3.0GHz with stock cooler) is being well cooled. In the BIOS it reads as about 30-32C about 5 minutes after start-up, and gets up to maybe 38-39C at 50% load. However, what I'm concerned about is the fact I'm getting these temps with the CPU fan running at around 3100 RPM. I know how to adjust the fan speed, but I haven't yet because I wanted to see how much the temps fluctuate.

Here are some extra specs...

Biostar TA880GB+ (Radeon HD 4250)
Antec Earthwatts 430W (top and back of case)
ATX mid-tower (80mm top exhaust fan directly above CPU and 80mm intake fan directly in front of CPU)(Case temp: 28C)

While I'm still a noob at this stuff, it sure seems to me that...

1. My CPU is running a bit warm for 3100 RPM fan speed.
2. That my side intake fan is working against the CPU fan (unless CPU fan blows air toward CPU, but I was under the impression it blew away from CPU. I tried looking that up, but of course no one seems to agree).

Any insight would be really appreciated. My case is one I got from a friend and is really old, and I honestly haven't found a name on it or anything. Thanks!
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  1. cpu temps can vary from 30-65c. Your temps are fine. I run my cpu fan at 2k or less.
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