Strange Latency/Bandwidth Issue

I just moved into a new apartment complex that has its own internet service built-in to the rooms. There is a simple female cat5 connection in the wall that is registered by a mac address. I set my laptop up on it and called them and told them my address. They hooked me up and i was getting a 45ms ping to Dallas, TX and about 3MB Down/ 1MB Up (slow I know don't remind me). I decided to switch over to my desktop so i swapped my mac address on it and plugged it in. The internet works fine yet I am somehow getting 400ms ping to Dallas, TX and 1MB Down/ .5MB Up. How is this even possible? Both machines are running Windows 7 Professional. I am stumped here :fou:
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  1. run a tracert to or something. See if your two computers are taking different paths or getting different pings to the same hops.
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