Why does my netgear router only have 11 mbps

Hello,I have a netgear routerconnected to my internet cable connection and I have full internet access. I also have a laptop and when I'm connected to the internet on it the mpbs read only 11. This number does not read higher when the laptop is next to the router or iless in the other room. My sending is at something like 69,00---- and my recieving is only 24 something. How can I speed this up so my mpbs arent so low and my internet runs faster?
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  1. Check out the model number on Netgear's home site www.netgear.com -- if you can find a specification listing for that model it will state which wireless mode it supports -- if it's only 802.11b then 11mbps is the max.

    In practice this wouldn't greatly affect most internet connections but is you have a newer adapter (wireless g or n) it may be time to upgrade to a newer model because the other issue with 802.11b is it only supports WEP wireless security which is not very secure.
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