Hard drive always parking itself?

Hi guys,

My new computer has a one terabyte hard drive and whenever I stop using the mouse or keyboard for about one minute, it will make this strange clicking/beep noise such as the sound it makes when you resume from standby.

I have gone into power management settings and switched to High Performance and configured
it to never turn off the hard drive but the problem persists.

One thing has helped and that is a program called Ashampoo Hdd Control 2. If I change the power settings via that program then the noise goes away but it will continue to persist if the program is not open. Also the program costs 25 bucks, a high price to pay just for using one feature that it has. The rest of the program doesn't interest me.

Any ideas?
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  1. Oh and its a seagate barricuda.
    The clicking sound is about 30 seconds apart and stops when I resume using the mouse and keyboard. Its not the click of death, its super quiet when I'm in front of it, doing something that requires the mouse and keyboard. I can't even hear it at all in the Antec 300 until its idle.....
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  4. Thank-you so much, you have just saved my sanity!!

    Awesome little light program, it automatically configurates itself to stop the clicking without any manual configuration required and runs quietly in the background without using up the cpu at all, just memory. So much better than Ashampoo's product.
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