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Help I7 920 running HOT!

My I7 920 runs really hot I currently have an crosair H50 on a Asrock exterme board. I had to put my old set up after sandybridge had to go back. Should I reapply artic silver on the cpu? I need Help! Also the I7 920 is a c/0 and I'm running 6870 in cross fire.
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  1. sorry my iddle temps are around 48-50, and when I prime 95 it hits up to 85! No room for overclocking
  2. Has the cpu been overclocked? Have you tried using a different heatsink? You may want to try the stock heatsink that came with your processor as the H50 may be defective. Also, if you are OCing, then maybe you should readjust. I am personally not a fan of the H50/70. I like the good ol reliable HSF. My personal favorite is the noctua NH-12P.
  3. For not much more money you could have got a xspc water cooling loop which outperforms the h50 by a long shot.
  4. It has but only to 3.6 and it was stable. I have not tryed to reapply artic silver paste, should I? I aslo think the H50 Sucks. I have three custom fans in a push pull system. What do you think
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    I think you should go with a standard HSF like noctua or coolermaster. H50's don't really get good reviews as far as longevity is concerned. But re-applying the paste can't hurt, but it probably won't help.
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