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The mouse on my WinXP PC started behaving erratically then stopped working altogether. It's a USB mouse connected by a PS2 converter to a PS2 port. I hooked the mouse up to a laptop and it seems to be fine.

Is there a way I can just hook up the mouse directly to a USB port instead of the PS2 port? I've tried just plugging the mouse into a USB port but it still doesn't work. Is some configuration required? Or does this mean there's some other issue?
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  1. your mobo have to support USB mouse and keyboard, its and option called USB Legacy Support (in bios). usually reseting your bios on default will repair your problem. my keyboard and mouse dont work if u change the usb port. if i do want to use different ports, i have to reset my bios after that. i have asus x48. dont know why, but this works for me.
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