New build

New computer, running

2 Sli Nvidia 9500 gt

AMD Phenom 2 X4 945

4GB ram DDR3 1333

500GB hard drive

550W OCZ modular power supply

Windows 7

???(any suggestions?)

Only running WoW and SC2
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  1. hey it's Rat A.) i gave u wrong CPU this one will be better and u can get your friend to OC it.
    Ram i would go
    Mobo any other questions pst me ingame
  2. Perfect much better than mine since mine wouldn't even work lol. Yeah that one would be nice and asus is a quality name and its got good ratings.
  3. Have u bought those 9500GTs? If not just nab a single HD 5770 or if u can afford to a 768M/192bit GTX 460
    Also for us to better assist u :
  4. He already has both those video cards.
  5. Well would those crossfired run wow maxed at 60 fps?
  6. Yes i mean SLI sorry not a fan of nvidia lol........................................lmao u knew what i meant
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