Kingston HyperX vs Samsung 840 Pro - email and surfing

Getting a Dell XPS 8500 Core I5 for client.

Client does email and web surfing and is not interested in much else (work system).

Am getting a 120GB SSD to give the system some "zip.

Have been looking at Kingston HyperX vs Samsung 840 Pro.

I know the Samsung 840 Pro is the latest and )one of) the greatest. But given the difference in price etc....

Will a user who does email and web surfing notice any difference in daily use?

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  1. No they wont notice, unless they do benchmarks and compare to numbers.
  2. Agreed. Go with the least expensive drive.
  3. I transferred from a 830 to an 840 pro, not sure if it's in my head but everything is so quick now.

    In fact, my jump from HDDs --> 830 I felt absolutely nothing, although benchmarks proved me wrong.
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    For ordinary everyday use such as email and surfing the web a user will not notice any difference in performance. In fact when working with email or surfing the web an ssd does not have very much to do. The ssd will spend the vast majority of its time idle.

    When it comes to email, speed is dependent on the user's reading and typing skills rather than being dependent on an ssd. When surfing the web, a user is at the mercy of the Internet service provider and all the connection points along the path to a web page.
  5. If you felt nothing jumping from an HDD to an 830 it had something wrong with it.
  6. chugot9218 said:
    If you felt nothing jumping from an HDD to an 830 it had something wrong with it.

    Not necessarily. It depends on the overall pc configuration, software applications, and how they are used. Applications that are cpu or gpu intensive don't benefit as much from an ssd. Adobe Photoshop is a good example.
  7. Good info from all. I am configuring it at the moment. The system is fast "as-delivered" Have not modes to SSD yet.

    JohnnyLucky's point regarding SSD perfromance increaes being application dependent (ISP speed and user's skill) had occurred to me. But since this client is so reticent to part with $$$ on equipment (it is a charity) I have learned to get the best setup on a new system I can get in the initial purchase.

    The SSD should help to a degree....
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