Eyefinity users welcome

I have an eyefinity 3 setup with a 5970 at stock speeds right now. I'm trying to gather some data on performance from other users with different configurations. Please post you specs and performance (FPS) on any games you play and benchmarks you run and at what settings.

Amd 955 @ 3.2
Asus 790gx mobo
Ocz 800mhz ddr2 8gb mem
WD caviar black 1tb hdd
Corsair 850w psu
5760x1080 resolution

MW2 100fps avg 34min
Bfbc2 50fps avg 26 min
Tf2 120fps avg. 94 min
L4D2. 115fps avg. 42 min
WoW. Varies alot. 90-115 in dungeons 32 in dal 120 in IF 40-70 questing
Have more testing to do so I'll update
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  1. Hi, I'll join this but what mechanism are you using to capture the avg/min fps? Let me know the tool and i'll run some numbers..although I don't have those same games as yours (not even L4D2..only got L4D).

    Games I think might be useful:
    Starcraft II
    Dirt 2
    Warhammer 40k: DOW 2
    League of Legends

    Maybe if we all agree on a set of games to bench, we might get some consistency, however many of us will have different platforms anyways (I have an AMD 955 w/ 5850) so that's going to look wildly different from your 5970.
  2. My goal is actually to get info on eyefinity with different platforms/hardware on various games. Max settings are ideal to show exactly what different model cards are cappable of. I use fraps to monitor my framerates and note the highs,lows and avg fps of games. This isn't really a benchmark thing but more of a real time gaming experience. I'm hoping to get some interest so people who are thinking of investing in an eyefinity setup will have an idea of what they can expect from it and for people who already have it can see what diffrences other hardware makes. I.E a core i7 with a 5870 may perform better/worse than an amd 965 w/ 5870 and so on. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to seeing some different results
  3. amd phenom II x4 955
    4gb ddr3 1600
    2x hd 5850
    biostar ta890fxe
    rosewill xtreme 750w psu

    Eyefinity is awesome, i love it but i warn people to wait a few so more games can support it. I really hope games start putting the crazy ratios in games soon so i dont have to deal with it.

    i have the same processor and the one game we should bench is resident evil 5 and just cause 2 because they both have built in benches. ill post some pics of the benches soon.
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