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I am looking for 1tb Hybrid hard drives, I have used the seagate momentus 750gb hybrid hard drive in an old laptop but now I want to see if I can get more storage but still keep the speed of a hybrid drive.

My current laptop is a Toshiba Qosmio X875-Q7190, so I have two Hard Drive bays which are currently occupied by two 500gb 7200 RPM SATA drives.

I am looking to either update one drive to the hybrid drive and then move my OS to that drive or I may upgrade both and see if I can configure a raid storage setup (0 or 1).

I know Solid state would be faster but I'm not prepared to spend out the sort of cash required to get the 1TB option.

Any help or advise would be appreciated.
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    If you laptop can handle a 9.5mm height drive, then the 1Tb Seagate hybrid will fit, model ST1000LM014. HERE is more info on the drive.
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